Monday, 27 June 2011

Dermandar: An App to Make Panoramas on your iOS Device

Dermandar, an awesome app I would say first of all. If you thought that to make 360 degree Panoramas on your iOS device, you need to have some high-tech expensive camera with some expensive 360 degree lense, then today you will be proved wrong. Dermandar, a free app available in the app store, let’s you make 360 degree panoramas with your iPad 2, iPod Touch 4G and iPhone. 
Just hold your device vertically and rotate it in the chosen direction to make your own free 360 degree Panorama for free!

Image (1)An example of a Panorama made by me using Deramandar

The GUI of Dermandar

You have also got a whole bunch of export options for you Panoramas including Twitter, Facebook, Photo Album, Email, copy and upload to Dermandar and you can share the picture’s link uploaded to Dermandar to Facebook, email & Twitter.
Also made by Dermandar is the online Panorama creator for your Mac or PC through which you can upload some pictures from your computer for Dermandar to stitch together.
Overall I would say that Dermandar is a must have applications for iOS users.
App Store link:
Online App: