Saturday, 25 June 2011


“Up to the cloud!” or say what will happen if a sixteen-wheeler crushes your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. iCloud is like a hard drive in the sky, which stores your music, apps, calendars, documents and more in the cloud and pushes it to all your iDevices and your Mac. Basically you can say that iCloud is MobileMe only, but better with a lot of extra features which was again built up from the base.
iCloud is compatible with Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iTunes, App Store, Contacts, Mail, and much more! So the applications you buy from the App Store, music from the iTunes store is stored in iCloud and will be available for download on any of your iOS devices. Pages, Numbers and Keynote also sync with iCloud and pushes it to all of your devices and keeps them in sync.
So now if you buy an application or music on your iPod Touch at home, and now pick up your iPad and go for work, you can now download that same application or music without requiring to sync all of your devices.
Another app iCloud supports is Photo Stream. So now when you take a picture with your iPhone, it automatically syncs with iCloud and wirelessly pushes and syncs with your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhoto on your Mac.
Also you get 5GB of free storage in the cloud which excludes Photo Stream, iTunes, and App Store and includes Mail, Contacts, and Safari, etc.
Also you will get a free address with iCloud. iCloud is very nice because you now don’t need to sync your devices and now it easier to keep each your device is sync to each other.
A very important thing is that iCloud will be available FREE to all iOS 5 and Mac users and will be available this fall.
So what are your thoughts about iCloud?