Thursday, 23 June 2011

iPod Touch 4G review

“The iPod Touch – An iPhone with no contracts” As people like to call it. An iPod Touch is exactly an iPhone or a trial version of the big daddy but without the phone. MP3 players are now primarily defined as iPod and with the iPod Touch, it really changes what we think about an MP3 player. With the touch-screen UI, it’s your dream MP3 player. The latest iPod Touch being the 4th Generation. Which includes a whole lot of features and makes it the best in the market.

Full iPod Touch 4G review by Aditya Chanana.

The new iPod Touch is all about hardware, having a whole new design and a whole bunch of features that we can talk about till hours! The new iPod Touch 4G comes with a new sleek design, it’s the thinnest of your devices you have. As other iPod Touch models, it has a shiny aluminium back, and the front composing of mostly glass. The edges have a curve in them and there is a relocated power/sleep button on the iPod. Besides all the thinness, there is not much by which you can differentiate it’s looks from the previous versions.
Inside the new iPod Touch is a shiny, powerful, new Apple A4 processor with a lot of new horsepower. Actually it’s amazingly that same processor that powers the Apple TV (That’s insane!), the original iPad and iPhone 4. Included in the package is a new Retina display, the same display that rocks the iPhone 4. It has the same b/g/n Wifi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and the same Nike+iPod built in support. Also there is now a gyroscope in addition to the accelerometer.
Included is a fixed-focus back facing camera which records 720p videos which look like mind-blowing! (That’s 1280x720 resolution) and that all comes down when it comes to clicking pictures it basically isn't to much fascinating with a resolution of 960x720 because it doesn’t have the same sensor and lenses as the iPhone 4 but it works although with no autofocus and no flash.
And yes, also including is a front facing camera! iPod Touch, say hello to FaceTime! Although not a very high resolution camera, only a VGA fixed lense camera but work decent for video calls.
Sound Quality
“The sound of the internal speakers on the iPod Touch is like a tiny voice coming out of your iPod” The number one complaint by iPod Touch users. Now the new iPod Touch, has an improved external speaker, which sound much-much better and has a very much higher quality.
If you are an owner of a previous iPod Touch model, an iPhone or an iPad user then you will feel definitely at home. The same iOS experience with a few new features like FaceTime and Game Center. It’s just a lot faster and smoother than the previous models. iPod Touch 4G also supports find my iPhone, a feature by which you ever lose your iPod in your house or anywhere and until it’s connected to WiFi, you can lock, play a sound, and track your device. The WiFi requirement is what make this feature not that fascination.
The new iPod Touch 4G is snappier, faster and thinner than the previous models. With the introduction of a front and back facing camera, you can now take pictures and videos with your iPod Touch. With the new slimmer design it’s even better. With the affordable prices of $229 (8GB), $299 (32GB), or $399 (64GB).
An iPod Touch 4G can be easily compared to a Netbook and definitely does all that what it does, but is portable and remember that it’s even a portable game player!
With a new A4 chip, Retina display, and new design, and with Game Center it’s the best choice if you are thinking to buy a MP3 player but want something that is a step ahead of that.
So what are your thoughts about the new iPod Touch 4G?