Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mac OS X Lion

The lion is ready to roar! The new Mac OS X Lion packs with it tons of new features.

Although I personally am a Windows user, I definitely like Mac OS X and my dad even has a Macbook Pro and I'm sure that my next computer will definitely be a Mac!

Mac OS X Lion includes new features such as new Multi-Touch gestures, Mission Control, Launchpad, full screen apps and much more!

The features that Apple showed off at WWDC were-

  • Full screen apps
  • Launchpad
  • Mission Control
  • Multi touch gestures
  • Mac App Store
  • Resume
  • Auto-save
  • Versions
  • Mail
  • Airdrop
Full Screen Apps - Full screen apps are now system-wide in Mac OS X and there is a button included also. This is important for Macs with small screens like Macbooks which have 11-15" screens.

Multi Touch Gestures - Multi touch gestures is a very good feature in Mac OS X which lets you scroll through a web page, and now you can switch between two or more full screen apps and many more function which are very easy to use.

Launchpad - Launchpad shows all of you programs in your Mac in a iOS style, and you can arrange them easily in folders.

Mac App Store - Mac App Store is the main place for you Mac to buy applications.

Resume - Now when you close an application and again reopen it, it will reopen right where you left it off. With Resume, you can restart your Mac and you will return where you had left off.

Auto-Save - How many times have people told you to save your documents while you are making it. Now with Mac OS X Lion, documents are saved word by word, alphabet by alphabet automatically in the background.

Versions - As documents are saved automatically now, you can now view the changes in your documents in a time machine like scale and copy media from previous versions to current version. Due to privacy, only the current version of your document will be sent while emailing it, and not its previous versions.

Mail - Now Mail has a new look in Mac OS X Lion with snippets, iOS-like conversations views, new filters in search and much more!

Airdrop - Airdrop is a new feature in Mac OS X Lion with the help of which you can send files, documents, and other media to another Mac in your network over WiFi in an encrypted form.

Mac OS X Lion packs with it over 250 new features and some of them we discussed today. Mac OS X Lion will be available in the Mac App Store (Yes, say bye-bye to DVDs!) for $29.99 (That's really cheap!) in July and once you have purchased it you can install it on all of your other Macs for no extra cost.

Mac OS X will really roar!

So what are your thoughts about Mac OS X Lion? Let me know in the comments!