Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Are CDs going to get obsolete?

Do you remember the last time when you purchased a Compact Disk? CDs have become a little obscure nowadays. We don’t prefer CDs nowadays as they are not very handy on the portable sides and it takes some time in burning them and difficult in handling these CDs, now replaced with many of our day to day used flash/pen drives which are portable and much more preferred. In other words CDs have become a thing of the past.

In this world where music is easily available via a download from the iTunes Store and games and other stuff via the internet, nobody uses CDs much.
So this means an end to the compact disks? No, that’s not absolutely true. Compact disks are less expensive than flash drives, which cost a lot. Also many people prefer to buy music tracks or movies via CDs and not via the internet.
Compact disks are also prone to damage and loss of data and if scratched can be difficult or no longer be able to be read by the computer’s CD drive in the other side flash drives which aren’t very prone to these data losses and nowadays many flash drives come with the feature of requiring a password before accessing the flash drive and another reason why it’s better for security, although not always true. Also having a low capacity of 700MB, and they can be totally get replaced by DVDs and Blu-ray disks.
So what does all this means?
Compact Disks are not going anywhere this soon, they are surely going to be there for long and always be a medium available for your data storing needs. Although it is not very trusted and safe medium.