Friday, 8 July 2011

Facebook (Skype) Video Calling vs. Google+ Hangouts

Recently there has been a craze about video calling. When Google announced Google+, I would say an improved version of Google Buzz, it also included Hangouts and Circles. With the help of circles you could put people in a specific circle – like friends, family, work, following, etc. and start a Hangout and video chat with all the people in that circle. You begin a hangout by going to clicking the “Start a Hangout” button on the Google+ page and a windows popups which includes the video conferencing in an online interface without requiring any additional software.

In response to this announcement, Mark Zuckerberg, for the 750 million users of Facebook announced Facebook Video Calling, with the help of Skype now you can video chat with your friends which requires you to install a plugin from Skype by going to and clicking the big green “Get Started” button, download and install the plugin and get started to video chat with your friends!
The con of Facebook Video Calling is that it is only one-to-one video calling whereas Google+ Hangout includes a group video chat conferencing. There is not much you can do in Facebook Video Calling whereas in Google+ Hangouts, you can share a YouTube video with that circle and chat directly in the window.
Facebook Video Chat is obviously a reply to Google+ Hangouts and Facebook, to improve Facebook Video Calling, needs to make a feature to video chat with all the people in a group.
Google+ Hangout is a very nice feature in Google+ which lets you video conference with all the people of that circle and in Facebook Video Calling, you can only call specific people. These new video calling features in the two Social Networking websites are really awesome! Definitely must check out!