Sunday, 31 July 2011

How to get back the old Facebook chat

So you logged into your Facebook account and noticed that the chat system has changed, now you have a sidebar which doesn’t show all of your online friends and also shows offline contacts. This new chat system actually shows in the list your friends which you contact with the most and you must have got very frustrated because of it, but we have a solution to get back the old-school Facebook chat system that lists out each and every of your online friends.
So how do we do it? Some developers have been scratching their heads for a solution to this problem and the answer is building an extension/add-on which makes you Facebook Chat the old way in a proper list and they have published these extensions to the web extension store of your browser.
Following are the links where you can go and install the extension which disables the new Facebook Chat Sidebar:
Google Chrome - Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler - Chrome Web Store
Mozilla Firefox - FB Chat Sidebar Disabler :: Add-ons for Firefox
Opera - Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler - Opera extensions
So I hope these extensions solve your problem!
What are your thoughts about the new Facebook Chat Sidebar? Drop a line in the comments below!