Sunday, 3 July 2011

HP Photosmart Wireless B110a e-All-in-One Printer

The full video review by Aditya Chanana (Me)
HP Photosmart Wireless B110a e-All-In-One printer, one of HP’s new ePrint enabled printers having all of the modern to date features and technology. SD card reader, wireless printing, and a LCD touch panel are some features of this inkjet printer. Overall I must say it is a must check out printer. It has all the features that you have thought of having in a printer in your dreams although you have to spare a lot of time to configure the printer.

The HP Photosmart Wireless B110a includes an inkjet printer and a scanner. It also has a 2.4in LCD display so-called “TouchSmart” with 6 touch sensitive basic-functionality buttons around the screen. Also included is wireless 802.11n WiFi support. So what comes with WiFi support is wireless printing from your computer without connecting a wire to the printer itself (If you are connected to the same WiFi Access Point as the printer). So it’s the perfect printer for you if you don’t always want to be entangled with a wire to your printer which is also a good feature for laptops.
Also with WiFi comes ePrint, a feature from HP which enables you to print wirelessly from your computer to the printer even if you are not connected to the same WiFi. So what you need to do is just send an email to the printer-specific ePrint email ID and it will automatically be printed if the printer has access to internet.
Also if you are using a desktop which doesn’t have WiFi, you can still connect it to the printer by a proprietary USB cable. This printer also includes a SD Card reader, which gives the printer the ability to print photos which are there in your SD card.
You can also scan and photocopy images and documents in the printer with the same wireless feature.
This printer is also AirPrint enabled so you can print easily from your iOS devices. Also comes with the printer are apps, so that you can print newspaper, photos, etc. without requiring a computer.
imageThe HP Photosmart Wireless has a very nice design all-black with a flip out paper tray for portability. On the top is a panel which when lifted up reveals the scanner in the printer. The printer is made up of all plastic and there is a hinge in the middle of the printer when pulled up it shows all the mechanisms of the printer and the cartridges – No. 862.
Overall the printer has a very nice look and will definitely not look ugly on your desk, instead a state-of-the-art high-tech device.
imageThe device has a not too very user-friendly software and sometimes it hangs if kept on for a long time and the paper managing system is not very nice. Takes a long time when installing the HP software and setting up the printer which requires the IP address of the printer.
Good print quality, nice design, future-proof, a lot of bells and whistles.
The HP Photosmart Wireless B110a is a very nice printer and stands up to it’s height for a wireless printer which has extra functionality including a scanner, a 2.4in LCD screen for better user experience and ePrint capabilities, it’s a must have printer.
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