Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The new Facebook Timeline Profiles

Yes, it is here another major change from Facebook called Timeline Profiles:

This is the new Facebook Timeline profile. It is a lot very different and a little modern-looking from the older profiles.

As you can see this is a lot more attractive profile and firstly you can notice a big cover photo on the top at first which you can change with a picture from your computer or Facebook that you would like to put in there. Then after that there is your profile picture with your name with a very short bio.

In this profile you can clearly see your recent photo, no. of friends, your location & likes.

The spotlight of this new profile called Timeline in the new timeline feature in it. On the top-right you can see "Now". Below that is the list of years from your birth till to date. When you click on a specific year, or month like the Apple Versions it shows you the posts posted in that specific time period.

One thing you can also do is a feature known as "Feature on Timeline" on your profile. Basically all the posts in the new profiles are divided into two columns. What this does is that it wide-spreads the single column post to two columns so that it is more visible and draws more attention. You can use this to highlight something of importance to you and you would like your friends to likely see it.

This is all in the new Facebook Timeline profiles, they are a bit more attractive. Right now Facebook Timeline profiles are only available for developers and you can sign up at the Timeline website where you will get it whenever it is available to you.

Moreover, you can also watch this following video to get the new Timeline profiles right now if you are too excited if you are a developer or not:

The disadvantage of these new profiles is the privacy issue. With the new timeline feature anybody can see your activities when you were born till to date on Facebook. This isn't an issue for most people but for those who think this a serious privacy issue for them. It matters for person to person if they are comfortable sharing all their details from birth till to date.

I have said this many time and I am again saying this-

If you are so serious about privacy of your data on the internet then you shouldn't put data on the internet!

Many people are saying that they are leaving Facebook because of them not liking the features of Facebook. It's very easy to say that I am going to leave Facebook but it is a pain in the neck when you actually do it.

What are your thoughts about the new Facebook Timeline Profiles? Do you think these is a serious issue about privacy? Drop a line in the comments below!