Monday, 24 October 2011

First impressions on iOS 5

I have updated my iPod Touch 4G to iOS 5 and after some day of installing and playing with iOS 5, I think it is really cool. I totally agree with Apple now that iOS is the world's most advanced mobile operating software.

iOS 5 is really impressive from the angle of the software, and I'd surely prefer iOS 5 as the primary OS on my mobile without any doubts.

I just love the new Notifications system and the Notifications Center. Previously I hate the notifications system which actually irritated me a lot by popping up rapidly like nonsense. Now in iOS 5 are clean notifications which look sensible and more mature.

The new apps in iOS 5, Reminders and Newsstand are pretty good and much needed in everyday life.

Also in iOS 5 in the keyboard settings there is an option to set up short cuts. What this does is that if enter any short cut or abbreviation and it's full word meaning in there, then when you type that short cut, it'd automatically convert the abbreviation to its full word meaning saving time to type the full word.

iOS 5 now syncs in the background so now there'd be no "Sync In Progress" message. When you connect your iOS device to power, lock it and connect to WiFi, it'd automatically back up all the data on your iOS device to iCloud or sync with iTunes as you prefer.

iCloud is a very good feature that is well integrated into iOS. Automatic back-ups, really clever. Now you'll never worry to lose some or the other of your data. iCloud will also sync the photos you take with your iOS device in the cloud and it'd be available in the cloud for further 30 days.

The camera improvements in iOS 5 is also appreciated. There is a grid, you can now take photos using the volume up button which makes your iOS device more like a real camera. Also in the Photos app you can now remove red eye, crop your photos or enhance them.

Newsstand almost replaces the hard copies of the newspapers and magazines that I've subscribed to. Downloading issues automatically when they're available is pretty awesome.

Before I always used to forget thing but now with the Reminder app in iOS 5, I set up a reminder when I need to remember something and it reminds me in the specified criteria. Now I never forget things.

The new iMessage app is the plus factor of iOS 5. Now I'll never have to think to buy a Blackberry just because it has Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Now the same thing is available on iOS. I can now text to my other friends having iOS 5 on their iOS device. I can send photos, locations and other cool things. iMessage is also available for the iPod Touch so I'm pretty happy about it.

The new on/off buttons in iOS 5 are also neat. They are very much better than the previous ones.

Talking about Safari, you can now surf in "Private Browsing" and also there is a new "Reading List" feature in the Safari app. You can now add any webpage to your reading list to maybe remember to read it later. It's like Instapaper. Also there is a "Reader" feature in Safari too. What this does is that it takes the text and images in an article and converts in into a font and font size that it makes it easier for you to read the article and it removes unnecessary distractions. This is pretty cool for the iPhone and iPod Touch which have smaller screens.

The Twitter Integration in iOS 5 is cool. Now I am able to directly post photos, webpages, locations, etc. to Twitter directly from the app.

In the Sounds section is settings there are also a bunch of new sounds that you can change for almost every single notification type.

I think that iOS 5 is a must upgrade for everyone.

What are your thoughts about iOS 5? Drop a line in the comments below!