Thursday, 1 December 2011

Canon PowerShot SX40 HS: Review and First Impressions

I recently got the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS in search of a camera which would bridge the gap between a consumer and a pro camera and give me a camera that is just appropriate for me and the simplest. Canon PowerShot SX40 HS came up to the mark with most of my qualifications. 

The first thing that grabbed my attention on the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS was it's design. I fell in love with it's design at first sight. It has all smooth edges and a nice matt finish to it. It has somewhat a pro feeling to it. It's design is very much similar to the high-end DSLRs and SLRs out there and that's the reason why I love it. I don't actually need one of those high-end camera and I think that this camera is perfect for my needs. The camera has a nice 2.7" LCD screen that swivels out to almost at 180 degrees allowing you to tilt it up or down so that it is easier to shoot high and low angle shots easily without breaking your neck and allowing you to take a portrait of you by swivelling the LCD screen all around towards you. It has a viewfinder too. The flash module on the top has a nice design and the buttons are nicely laid out. 

This might be normal for all those pro cameras out their but this is very much new stuff for me because I'm upgrading to this camera from a Nikon Coolpix P1.
And there you get the difference that this upgrade is some serious stuff to me. The camera is way heavier and bigger than my previous camera and that is because there are a lot much stuff going about in the beast.

The Canon PowerShot SX40 HS has lots of horse-power inside it which is running a 12.1 MP CMOS sensor with a Digic 5 processor and a HS system which optimizes the image quality providing a photograph with a major boost in noise reduction, expanding the ISO range to ISO 3200 and letting you use higher shutter speeds to capture clearer images with reduced noise and blur.

It has a massive 35x optical zoom and with the digital zoom it totals up to 140x which is mind-blowing that provides the telephoto power to bring your distant subjects incredibly close. The camera uses a VCM (Voice Coil Motor) for high-speed, quiet, energy-efficient lens movement with precise control.

The camera lens is a 24mm ultra Wide-Angle lens which allows you to create shots with dramatic perspective and makes it easy to shoot sweeping landscapes, large groups of people and tall buildings. With the 24mm ultra Wide-Angle lens and a 35x zoom, you can go right from 24mm to 840mm telephoto which is awesome. 

The camera has an optical image stabilizer which makes the photos stable and prevents shake in the photos.

It can also taken 1080p videos at 24fps and 720p videos at 30fps. 

The High-Speed Burst HQ feature makes it possible to capture fast action stills at full resolution during continuous shooting. The results are exceptionally high-quality images recorded in rapid sequence. In this mode, the PowerShot SX40 HS can capture a maximum of 8 shots in a single burst.

At last the camera also has a smart auto mode in which it automatically selects all the setting and chooses a scene from 32 predefined shooting situations which gives beautiful images without you needing to be any pro to know all the setting to shoot the perfect image.

There are also many macro and manual modes for those image-freaks out in there.

The camera has a decent battery life and the thing I have noticed is that the battery in this camera is significantly bigger than the battery in my previous camera.

The camera takes pictures in high-resolution because of which I've put a 16 GB SHDC card in there. 

Overall, I think the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS is a must to look at and for the price I think I made a great investment by buying the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS which bridges the gap between consumer and pro cameras becoming a prosumer camera which I love. 

What are your thoughts about the Canon PowerShot SX 40 HS? Leave a line in the comments below.