Friday, 27 January 2012

Rumour: Apple OLED TVs to be launched in April/May?

An Apple OLED TV? (Source: TechnoBuffalo)
There has been a buzz recently that Apple will be releasing an OLED TV soon in the year 2012 and the rumours are that it is going to be released probably in April/May. People are wondering, what can Apple innovate into a TV set that it becomes a must-have? Rumours are saying that there is going to be Siri built-into the TV, with facial recognition and power saving "sleep" mode.

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diodeOLED televisions are brighter, more efficient, thinner and feature better refresh rates and contrast than either LCD or Plasma. OLEDs have been really expensive. Recently, LG & Samsung released their 55-inch OLED prototypes, which don't have any pricing but are expected to be around $7,000.

Though Apple is going to sell TVs upto 42-inches as the rumour says, but still it's going to definitely have a high price tag as like the other OLED prototypes have. People keep the same TV sets for around 5-7 years, and Apple must have kept this in mind if they rumoured Apple OLED TV is a true vision. This might be the reason why they have been delayed.

The recent Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson mentions that Steve Jobs wanted to re-define the TV and said that he had "finally cracked the code". This clarifies that the Apple OLED TVs will be coming up soon.  

Rumours should always be treated as rumours and not as a definite release statement. If you are thinking of buying a TV soon and thinking if you should or shouldn't want to wait for the Apple OLED TVs, I'll definitely recommend you to buy a TV now as even the April/March months may or may-not show the release of the bad boy as it's not sure.

Whenever Apple has gone into a new category, it has reinvented it. Expectation are really high for the new Apple TVs to reinvent the TV and it should include those features and a user experience, that no other TV has ever showcased. If Apple shows a product that gives a good result to the high expectations and a pretty competitive price, I'm sure that Apple TVs will be a big hit in the TV industry.

What do you think will Apple include in the new Apple OLED TV sets? Are you thinking about buying an Apple TV? Drop a line in the comments below.