Monday, 18 June 2012

iOS 6 Preview: What is new?

WWDC 2012 keynote revealed a preview of iOS 6, the next version of iOS which will be coming this August. Here is a list of features that will be included in iOS 6.

1. Maps

Apple, with iOS 6, has removed Google Maps as the mapping application for iOS devices and replaced it with their own Maps app which is actually better and includes a whole lot of new features in it.

The new Maps app includes live traffic, gives your information about accidents and slow traffic, and offers you to change route to save time. Included in the new Maps app is a new feature called Flyover, which enable you to have a birds eye view of the area. It also includes turn by turn spoken directions which guides you to your direction and also shows a 3D view of the surrounding and ETA based upon distance and additional accidents on the road or slowdowns.

2. Passbook

The Passbook app in iOS 6 enables you to store all your coupons, movie tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards at one place so that you don't need to do any effort to find them. It is also location and time based so it will give you a notification when you need you pass and tell you about any changes in your pass data.

3. FaceTime Over Cellular

FaceTime which till now was only supported over WiFi, is now available over cellular, so that you can do FaceTime calls anywhere without the need to be connected to WiFi.

4. Siri Updates

With iOS 6, Siri is now available on the iPad and can now tell you accurate details about sports and sports player, about movies, help you to book restaurants and give restaurant reviews, help you to launch apps and help to Tweet or to share on Facebook.

5. Facebook Integration

Like Twitter Integration, which was introduced in iOS 5, iOS 6 includes Facebook Integration which allows you to share your high score, location, photos, videos and links to Facebook directly from the Game Center, Maps, Photos, Videos, Safari and other apps. It lets you like apps from the App Store and songs from the iTunes Store to share with your friends. It also includes Calendar and Contacts integration so it keeps updating your Calendar and Contacts with your friend's birthdays, events, and contact info. You just need to sign in once into Facebook to jump in.

6. Shared Photo Streams

Shared photo streams allow you to share pictures via iCloud with people having iOS 6 or OS X Mountain Lion with iCloud by listing them so that they can view it and add comments and like it. When you share a photo with someone, they will receive a notification in iPhoto or Photos app and get the images instantly. Shared photo streams can be viewed on an Apple TV and they can be also be shared on a website, so people without an iOS device or Mac can view them and add comments or like them. The best part of shared photo streams are that they don't count against your iCloud storage.

7. Calling Features for iPhone

New calling features in iOS 6 give you new options when replying a call. When you receive a call, besides accepting the call, there are other options like replying with a text message if you are unable to pick up the call due to some reason or set to remind yourself about the call which you can set to be on the basis of either location--when you leave a place, when you arrive at your office or home or time based-- after a time period.

There is also a feature called Do Not Disturb which suppresses all the incoming calls and notifications which you can turn on manually or schedule some time period. There is also an options for exception so that you can allow calls only from specific contact groups or favourites.

8. Mail

The new Mail app in iOS 6 includes new features like setting contacts as VIP so that you don't miss important emails from them. What it does is that it assigns a separate inbox for these VIP contacts which syncs over iCloud. The new Mail app has also made it easier to insert videos and photos without having to go separately to the Videos or Photos app. For refreshing your mailbox, you now just have to swipe down.

9. Safari Updates

The new Safari includes new features including iCloud Tabs. iCloud Tabs syncs a list of all open browser windows across all your iOS devices and Macs so that you can start at one device and continue on the other. Reading List now doesn't only save links, but the whole web page so that it is also available offline. Also there is an option to upload or take photos or videos from your iOS device when there is an upload requirement on a website. There is also an option for viewing landscape websites in full screen and eliminate all distractions.
10. Remodeled Stores

iOS 6 now includes new remodeled iTunes, App and iBooks Store. The home screen now includes the best of new apps, it includes a history tab to view all your recent view apps which is synced with iCloud and available on all of your devices.

iOS 6 is as usual a free update via iTunes and is compatible with iPad 2 and the new iPad, iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S and the iPod Touch 4th gen. iOS 6 will be available this fall, August.