Friday, 8 June 2012

WWDC 2012: What to expect? [UPDATED]

This year, Apple is organising the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2012 from 11th to 15th June in San Francisco, giving sneak peaks to developers about their future products and services that will include keynotes addressing and demoing these new products and services and updates to the Developers so that they can make applications that will adapt to the new technologies. This ensures that apps are available which are compatible with the new technology or new product or new feature ASAP. Below is a list that includes the product that are rumoured to receive a refresh or update this WWDC.

iOS 6

It is rumoured that Apple will be giving a sneak peak of the next version of their iOS mobile operating system, iOS 6, the successor to iOS 5. It is also rumoured that Apple will soon be using their own map system for iOS, removing the Google Maps app. It is said to be better than Google Maps and it will have 3D images.

There is also a rumour that iOS 6 will be included Facebook integration into the OS, like it did in iOS 5 with Twitter for easy sharing.

9to5mac reports that the iOS 6 will support Siri on the iPads, a feature that allows you to speak commands and dictate text to the device, exclusive only to the iPhone 4S as of now.

The Mac Pro

The Mac Pros haven't got refreshed since ages, but it is rumoured that the Mac Pro will receive a spec update this WWDC with three new models including one that can be used with Apple OS X Server. It is expected to be included with Thunderbolt I/O technology, which most of the Macs now include and USB 3.0, the successor to USB 2.0 and new Intel Xeon E5 processors.


The iMacs are also due for an update this WWDC but no specific details have leaked.

MacBook Pro and Air Updates

The MacBook lines may even have a refresh, including new Intel Ivy Bride Core processors, retina displays and flash storage. The MacBook Pro might get the optical drive removed and get thinner, like the MacBook Air.

iCloud Updates

iCloud is Apple's cloud storage service, exclusively for iOS devices running iOS 5 and above. It stores all your iOS device backups, photos (upto 30 days), calendar, notes, contacts and documents. It is rumoured that it might now include a photo sharing feature, allowing fellow iCloud users to share images. The iCloud website might also get an update, allowing users to see their photos stored in iCloud in an addition to your mail, calendar, contacts, documents and Find My iPhone feature enhancing the websites functions.

Apple OS X Mountain Lion Updates

Apple will be giving more demos and discuss features of OS X Mountain Lion, currently in Beta, which will be released this Summer for consumers in their keynotes. OS X Mountain Lion will be including features like Gatekeeper, which helps you to choose from 3 security modes - Allow downloads only from OS X App Store, from OS X App Store and trusted developers and from anywhere, allowing you to tighten the security on your Mac. It will also include iOS apps like Notes, Messages, Reminders, Game Center, Notification Center and share sheets, bringing many of the iOS features and apps into OS X.

Apple TV Updates

BGR reports a new rumoured Apple TV OS will be announced in WWDC. It will allow you to control every accessory connected to the Apple TV through your Apple remote or the Remote app in iOS like your home theatre system. Though that accessory has to be compatible with the Apple TVs, it'd be a big deal since it's difficult to handle all the accessories individually. This OS is said to be same as the OS which will be included with the highly rumoured Apple's OLED iTVs.

So stay tuned for WWDC, we will keep updating you as soon as there is any new info from the WWDC. Comments welcome.

Update: Banners at Moscone West confirm that iOS 6 will be announced at WWDC:

(Credit: 9to5mac)
Update 2: 9to5mac reports that iOS 6 will be including a feature known as Organize. It's not known exactly about at this point if it will be an app available from the App Store, an integrated feature or a pre-installed app. Right now we're not even sure what exactly it will do but we've rumours that it will be able to store all of your coupons, credit card info, travel info and more. According to this post by 9to5mac, Apple is working on a scanner software which might be included in Organizer for scanning receipts, business cards and other info. This might later be integrated into the much-rumoured iPhone 5 which is rumoured to include NFC technology.  

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