Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Apple's September 12 special event: iPhone 5, iPod touch & iPod nano

The Apple Special Event has been fantastic, with a lots of new product announcements, exciting ones including the newly designed iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPod nano. I seriously fell in love with each of the new products.

The new iPhone 5 has a whole new design which is thinner and lighter and more powerful that the previous, the iPhone 4S. The new iPhone 5 now has a 4" screen, half an inch bump from the iPhone 4S. Apple was able to cut 1.7 millimeters off of the depth of the iPhone 5 and it is a noticeable difference. It weighs 112 grams, which is 28 grams less than the 4S. It now also includes 4G LTE connectivity. It has also got a processor upgrade to Apple A6 processor.

The new iPod touch (5th generation) also has got a whole new design which is thinner lighter and more powerful than the previous, the iPod touch (4th generation). It now has got 4" screen with an Apple A5 dual-core processor, an upgrade from Apple A4 chipset. The new camera in the iPod touch is a whole lot better than the previous one, having 5-MP worth of goodness. It now also have a special iPod touch loop, which is actually a strap to keep it safe. 

The new iPod nano also has a new redesign, and now it gets it home button back with a modified version of iOS for the bigger touch screen, in which the icons are rounded instead of being square. Video playing is also now back to the iPod nano. The display is a 2.5" display.

All these devices feature a new dock-connector, an upgrade from the 30 pin dock-connector, also called the Lighthing connector.

Apple introduced some new features in iTunes including a mini player and others.

The new iPhone 5 and iPod touch also come with a new pair of earbuds from Apple, also known as the EarPods.

For more information check out Apple's website --

You can also see the full video keynote featuring Tim Cook and other Apple employees here --